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Other helpful information


     Children should keep an extra set of clothes in their cubby at school.  Parents should make sure that this spare set of clothes is updated as the seasons change and/or the child grows into new sizes.

     We will go outside every day, unless we are experiencing inclement weather.   Please make sure your child has appropriate dress for going outside in colder temperatures.

     For safety reasons in the classroom and on the playground, children are not allowed to wear flip-flops or heels.  Students are encouraged to wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes with a back/strap on them.  If children come to school in boots, they should have shoes or slippers to wear inside.



     Cornerstone Preschool uses guidance and behavior management as a tool to teach children good behavior and appropriate self-control within the framework of class rules.  Our gentle and positive approach emphasizes modeling expected behavior, encouraging positive response, and redirecting to a more acceptable activity.  Our management goal is to equip children with the skills necessary to follow directions and self-moderate within clear, consistent boundaries for the benefit and safety of all children.



     If Addison Northwest Supervisory Union is closed for a snow day, Cornerstone Preschool will also be closed.  An attempt is made to make our decision by 6:00 am.  The preschool requests and advises parents to listen for school announcements when the weather is questionable. In addition to radio/TV announcements, the preschool will also send an e-mail indicating a school delay or closure.  If preschool is dismissed early, calls will be attempted to parents, as well as a school e-mail.  If both parents are employed, a standing arrangement should be made so children know where to go until parents get home.



     Classes will occasionally take field trips.  The teachers will inform the parents in advance as to the nature of the trip, clothes to be worn (if something out of ordinary), expenses involved and the expected return time.  In some instances, parents may be asked to help carpool, or act as chaperones.  All parents are expected to provide a carseat/booster seat for your child.  For liability reasons, a consent form is signed at the time of registration covering such activities.  In the event of an emergency, we will follow our medical emergency protocol.



     Cornerstone Preschool seeks to be an extension of the homes we serve and encourages parents to be an active participant in the educational process.  Parents are encouraged to visit the classroom during school hours to spend time with their child, observe classroom activities, or join in special activities.  Parents are welcome to volunteer during field trips, special lunches and parties, reading, and projects with the children.



      Parent/Teacher conferences are held after the first quarter of the school year is complete.  At that time, the teacher will review the child’s progress and goals for the remainder of the school year.  Parents should feel free to meet with a teacher or staff member at any time.  When parents desire direct communication with a teacher, please telephone the school office at 802-877-3640 and leave a message for the teacher.  He or she will return your call.