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Tuition and Fees

Application and Re-enrollment Fee

     There is a $100 application fee which should be handed in with your child’s application or re-enrollment form.



     The tuition for Cornerstone Preschool is set by the administration and is based upon the  time and number of days your child is enrolled.  If your child is absent on his/her scheduled day for any reason, you will still be charged full tuition.


The annual fee is divided into 10 monthly installments over the course of the entire school year.  Tuition is due in advance and must be received by the 20th of each month, August through May.  Our budget does not allow us to carry past due accounts.  No cash refunds are made by Cornerstone Preschool, Inc.  Annual enrollment and curriculum fees are set by the administration and are non-refundable.

** Rates listed below are for the 2021-2022 school year.

School Option: (8:00 - 2:45)


                          Annual Tuition         Monthly Tuition

Two Days:         $2060                      $206.00            

Three Days:      $3090                      $309.00

Five Days:         $5150                     $515.00

If your child arrives before 7:45 or leaves after 2:45 you will be charged an early/late fee of $.25 per minute.